How Floorcloths are Made

Step 1

To start, you'll need a heavyweight 100% cotton duck canvas.

You begin by shrinking the canvas, then cutting it to approximately 1 inch larger than the finished size. Turn the 1 inch hem under and press, then sew and miter the corners. This will give you a more durable product.

Step 2

The next step is to prime the canvas, let it dry, then apply one coat of the base coat color you've chosen, and let that dry.

Step 3

Now, configure and layout your design. Choose your colors and begin painting each element. Letting it dry thoroughly between each paint color.

Step 4

To finish your floorcloth, apply 4-5 coats of a water based sealant of your choice.

Making a floorcloth is a relatively easy endeavor if you have the patience. But finding all the materials, the space to make it, the perfect design and, most of all, the time to do it, can be discouraging.

So, why don't you let me help? I can make you a beautiful floorcloth in half the time, for that special spot in your home. Click here to contact me.

Finished Floorcloth

Making a Floorcloth

Making a Floorcloth

Making a Floorcloth

Making a Floorcloth

Making a Floorcloth

On the left is the finished floorcloth (shown in development above) in its new home.


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Blank Floorcloths