Running Diamonds

3.2 x 7.2


French Country Wildflowers

8 x 10



Pinwheels Design

4 x 6

"Client Loved it."

— P. Schwartz

Cossette Antique Flowers Design

5 x 7

"We’re excited to showcase our floorcloth to everyone who enters our home!"

— R. and N. Cossette

Country Roosters

This floorcloth was an Octagon that measured 10.5 x 9.5

"Omg - it’s Fabulous!!!! Thanks!!!!"

—S. Laderman

Oak Leaves

2 x 6 (one rug is a hooked rug which I copied to a floorcloth. Can you tell?)

"The floorcloth is absolutely lovely... it's a wonderful work of art!"

—V. Johsens, CA

Golden Pineapple Design

2 x 6.5, textured effects

"They are lovely"

—E. Jaffe

Pineapple Border Design

2 x 6.5, textured effect

"They are lovely"

—E. Jaffe

Octagon Wildflowers Design

6.5 ft., textured effects

"I think it is beautiful and I am so excited to put it in the sunroom and enjoy the full effect"

—B.O. Freda

Custom Organic Flower Print

2.3 x 5.1 ft.

"I want to thank you for your work. The floorcloth looks beautiful"

—J. Cockcroft

Allover Teardrop Damask

6.3 x 10.10 ft., textured effects

"It looks spectacular"

—L. Brown

Glen Cole French Country Design

2.6 x 10 ft., textured effects

"It is beautiful and so well done. Thank you so much for all your hard work in the planning of it and in your craftsmanship. I'm so happy that I came accross your site on the internet because I think your product is miles above other's"

—C. Leroy

Glen Cole French Country Design

3 x 8 ft., textured effects

—F. Asher

Octagon Feather and Berries Design

8 ft., textured effects

—M. Wilkes

Bohemian Design

2 x 3, parchment effects

"Sometimes you just have to play outside the box!"

—Cameron Howard

Octagon Red Paisley

6 ft., textured and parchment effects

"Love it"

—C. Howard

Salisbury Design

3 x 5 ft.

"I'm so impressed with how well it stands up to spills and wear. It's a dream to clean"

—K. Kenny

Mediterranean Tile

3 x 5, textured effects. New design.

Medfield with Allover Brocade

4.2 x 6 ft., textured effects and old age effects. New design

Antique Flower Design

2 x 3 antique effects. New design


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