Peabody Essex Museum

11.6 x 8


Feathers and Berries Design

8 x 9.6


Feathers and Berries Design

7 x 9.6


The Pinwheel Design

3 x 6


Salisbury Design

3 x 5.4

— J and J McMonagle

Feathers and Berries design

Table runner 2 x 4.8

Floorcloth runner 2.8 x 8

"They are Beautiful!"

— C. Shubert

Venetian Tile Design

4 x 5.5

"Looks fabulous the surroundings don’t do it justice!"

— P. Heydon

Feathers and Berries

4 x 6, with textured effects.

"The floorcloth is wonderful Thank you!"

—Kathy K.

Cross Stitch Sampler

2 x 4

—L. Callinan

Golden Pineapple

5.5 x 4.5 textured effects

—S. McKenna

Twigs & Berries

7 x 11½ Primitive, aged textured application.

"The floorcloth looks absolutely incredible in the dining room!!! What a difference it makes! It just came out beautifully... you did a fantastic job! I am thrilled with it... thank you so much. It goes beautifully in the house, and the primitive look is just perfect. It draws your eye as soon as you enter the room. I absolutely Love it!!!"

—S. Nowak

2010 Christmas Floorcloth

2.6 x 3.6 textured effects with an allover overlay.


5½ x 2

"I'm so impressed with how well it stands up to spills and wear. It's a dream to clean!"

—K. Kenny

Durant Design

9.5 x 8, textured effects

"Looks spectacular"

—D. Freeman

Feathers and Berries Design

9 x 14, textured effects

"It's sheer artistry that we will be proud to own for years to come"

—S. Castleman and S. Thorpe

Durant Design

8 x 10

—J. Burlingame


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Blank Floorcloths