Floorcloth Care

  • Always let your floorcloth acclimate to the rooms temperature before unrolling. Especially during the colder seasons.
  • Placement of your floorcloth should be on a well cleaned thoroughly dry, hard smooth surface.
  • After unrolling your floorcloth allow to flatten out naturally.
  • A very thin, smooth, non-skid mat may be placed underneath to avoid slipping.
  • In high traffic area's the corners of your floorcloth sometimes "kick-up". A small amount of mounting adhesive in each corner works well.
  • Clean your floorcloth regularly. Sweep or vacuum and then damp mop with a non-abrasive mild cleaner. Murphys oil soap is very good product for floorcloths.
  • Occasionally its good to revitalize your floorcloth, clean it and let dry. Apply a thin coat of water base varnish and let dry thourghly.Please call me if you'd like to use the same product I have used.
  • If moving your floorcloth always roll it up carefully never fold.
  • If your placing furniture on the floorcloth make sure their are felt protectors under all the furniture legs.

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Running Diamonds Floorcloth


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Blank Floorcloths