About Us

Cameron Howard

I’m living proof that the "creative road" has as many twists, curves and turns as most of the back roads of Vermont do. For me, the journey down that road began with my love for cooking and the culinary arts: I particularly enjoyed creating menus and combining ingredients that would harmoniously fuse the flavors of many cuisines into something altogether different, and deliciously so. I happily followed that path from New York, to Boston, to Maine and, bringing me to Vermont, a small country inn.

Ten or so years ago, upon entering one of those turns I mentioned, I put the culinary pot on the back burner and turned my passion for creating to weaving. From there, I segued into the decorative painting world which, in turn, led me to traditionally handcrafted floorcloths. It’s at this time I created my company Dunberry Hill Designs.


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Blank Floorcloths